ECU Remap & Tuning

ECU Remap & Tuning involves downloading the firmware from the ECU & modifying relevant parameters to produce more bhp & torque, enhancing drivability, & lower rev range flat spots being eliminated by the extra torque produced with the remap. This gives you a more responsive & enjoyable drive. All cars have a generic map as standard from the manufacturer; we develop a custom remap to suit your needs.  We can produce power with economy, giving better MPG as well as performance.

Tuning your car individually allows us to refine the engine's performance & fuelling to suit the climate; most vehicles are mapped from the manufacturer's production country according to their fuel type or grade & climate, etc. We consider all these aspects whilst mapping your vehicle & guarantee a safe & reliable power increase. For the vehicle manufacturers, a generic map (universally compatible across the world) is more effective to produce as apposed to a custom country specificated map (e.g vehicles manufactured especially for a country with individual specs & engine management to suit). Most cars are detuned to comply with road tax bands & insurance groups, which gives us a wider choice of variants.

Remapping your car can give you all the benefits of a higher spec model without the extra expense.

Petrol (Naturally Aspirated)

An ECU Remap for a petrol (NA) engine typically produces 10 - 15bhp & an extra 10 - 20lb ft torque dependant on the specification & condition of the engine.  The vehicle will be more responsive on initial acceleration with extra low down torque & then further advancing throughout the remainder rev range.

Petrol (Turbo)

An ECU Remap for a petrol turbo engine typically produces 30 - 50bhp & an extra 40 - 60lb ft torque dependant on the specification & condition of the engine.  The increased engine power output will significantly give more responsiveness, with more torque upon acceleration & reduced turbo lag throughout the entire rev range. The higher increase in bhp & torque gives far more flexibility throughout all gears, reducing the need to change down when overtaking.

Diesel (Turbo)

An ECU Remap for a diesel turbo engine typically produces 30 - 50bhp & an extra 40 - 60lb ft torque dependant on the specification & condition of the engine. Turbo diesel engines give the most impressive power & torque gains with an added bonus of extra fuel economy. Typical gains of 3 - 6 mpg, approx 40-70 miles extra range on full tank of fuel. Additional power is gained throughout the entire rev range, especially lower down, where the initial pulling power is required. A great improvement for vehicles carrying a load.

We have customers travelling from all over the UK & EIRE for custom built exhausts & ecu remaps, we offer intake, exhaust & engine remap packages.


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