MG Rover Exhaust System

We offer OEM patterned performance exhaust systems which save you money over main dealer prices. We fabricate a stainless exhaust with a bespoke setup for the individual, with a choice of sound (quiet, midsport, full sport) & looks (single & twin tailpipe styles). Our most popular choice for sound is a midsport setup, which gives the best of both worlds - a non intrusive yet sporty note.

Our custom performance exhausts are all built in T304 stainless steel & come with a lifetime guarantee. Our cat-back exhaust system (mid & rearsection) can increase your car's performance by upto 10bhp, sports car exhaust setups can increase more than this.

We work together with you using our simple & effefctive steps:

1. Your vehicle is driven onto the ramp & your current exhaust system is removed.
2. Discussion & walk through of the exhaust setup & selection of tips to suit the rear.
3. Complete fabrication of the exhaust system to the discussed spec (approx 2 hrs).
4. A walk through with you of the new exhaust setup & photos for web also taken.
5. Finally your complete satisfaction, paperwork completion & your ready to go...

For more details on our exhaust systems & pricing call us on
01922 645 646 or submit your details on our online quote form today.

A typical cat-back system which comprises of a middle & rear section takes no longer than a couple of hours from start to finish, so feel free to relax in our comfortable lounge or have a look around the town centre (approx 10 minutes walk).

All our custom exhausts are free-flowing so there are minimal restrictions within our exhaust silencers. Your standard MG exhaust system will have restrictions within the exhaust boxes known as baffles & chambers.   One of the aims of this type of exhaust box is to reduce the sound level with intersections & sound absorption material. This gives a negative effect on the travelling direction speed of the gases causing them to slow down & delaying the process hence the performance gain with our free-flow exhaust.

Our exhaust system is built & set up accordingly to suit your MG model.   Various research & development techniques have been put into place by us to give your car the best exhaust setup. With consideration to engine capacity & engine modifications we come up with an exhaust system for your car to suit & perform perfectly. Performance gains are noticeable with all our MG exhausts.

It's not just about replacing your exhaust, what we aim to achieve at MIJ is complete customer satisfaction. We advise & share our experience to give you a superb exhaust system with all the added benefits...

Read what our customers have got to say about us in their feedback/testimonials.


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